Academic fraud for college athletes

An academic fraud scandal that was revealed 3 years ago came to (a) conclusion today:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A blistering report into an academic fraud scandal at the University of North Carolina released Wednesday found that for nearly two decades two employees in the African and Afro-American Studies department ran a “shadow curriculum” of hundreds of fake classes that never met but for which students, many of them Tar Heels athletes, routinely received A’s and B’s.

[“U.N.C. Investigation Reveals ‘Shadow Curriculum’ to Help Athletes“, New York Times, Oct 22 2014]

An acquaintance of mine who worked in the administration at University of British Columbia once received a transfer-request from an American football playing student who (one assumes) had been cut from his own university’s football team. Now he just wanted to know if UBC had a football program, and can I be accepted into your university, please?

UBC does have a football program, but the student wouldn’t be accepted into UBC, because his academic record wasn’t good enough. His highest academic achievement to date was a C in the class “basket weaving”!

Hey, at least that tells us that his old university wasn’t as corrupt as NC-Chapel Hill.

University teachers, administrators, academic counselors, coaches and high-level officials should keep their “show of team spirit” to the stadium stands, and keep it out of the academic branch of the enterprise.

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