Logic problems in the movie Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim (2013) poster
Pacific Rim (2013)

Warning: Though this is just a rant and not an actual review of the movie, there are lots of spoilers herein.

I knew that Pacific Rim wasn’t going to be a good movie, and it wasn’t. I was hoping for good entertainment, and it delivered, but at what cost to physics, logic and common sense. Here are the most glaring problems I’ve noted from that one viewing.

Let’s get the big one out of the way first: It makes no sense to use giant piloted robots to combat the monsters.

  • Humans will die from 100G impacts, even if they are located inside a big metal beast. Hence thousands and thousands of traffic deaths.
  • Most kills in the movie are done by various types of guns, that might as well have been fired from helicopters
  • The movie only uses helicopters for transport, not for added visibility, missile platforms, etc. etc. (but hey, at least they don’t explode)

And what’s with the monsters themselves and their backstory? Logic much?

  • All the monsters come out of a rift in a particular place. So 1) place all your monitoring around that area, and 2) fill that area with nuclear mines
  • The monsters are not from earth, yet they have DNA?
  • Pacific Rim Jaeger blueprint
    Oh look, a large metal replica of a human

    The monsters all have the same DNA = are clones, yet they look very different?

  • The monsters have a couple of weapons (spewing acid, some sort of electricity and some sort of EMP) yet they rarely use them
  • The monsters are all clones, yet one is pregnant?
  • The monsters just happen to be placental mammals like us (an umbilical cord makes a prominent appearance), and several other organs are mentioned that match earth-physiology (lung, heart, windpipe, etc.)
  • The alien masters only send through biological creatures – no weapons or other technology
  • The alien masters “have done this before… that was the dinosaurs”. Now they’ve built another trans-dimensional tunnel and are sending through monsters. Yet humans celebrate it as a decisive victory when they manage to close the tunnel… Can the aliens not just built another tunnel to earth (or hundreds of them)?

General nonsense:

  • You can’t use a metal ship as a bat. Large ships break in pieces if they’re loaded incorrectly – even when resting in the water, the structural stresses have to be evenly distributed.
  • The pilots train and are tested in stick-fighting, yet go into battle “bare knuckled” (plus elbow rockets + various built-in guns, but only so much that the mechs still have humanoid form)

3 Comments to “Logic problems in the movie Pacific Rim (2013)”

  1. ADRL 3 October 2013 at 9:28 #

    totally awesome analogy!

  2. foong14 27 October 2013 at 7:55 #

    They could just build a bigger robot than the size of monster.

  3. Pacific 10 September 2016 at 16:57 #

    It’s pacific, this is another bs Hollywood movie. Why they can’t do a decent sci fi movie without zombies or bs like stupid Godzilla like beings? Last good sci fi movie was many years ago.. Matrix

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