Actual product may not be exactly as shown

The local computer pusher features manufacturer provided product shots of all their various offerings, and always with the small print disclaimer that the “actual product may not be exactly as shown”.

(Supposed) Seagate Barracuda product shot
(Supposed) Seagate Barracuda product shot

In this case, I should hope not! Opening up a hard drive and exposing its inner workings like that will break it. And what’s with the fluorescent green vine and the suspiciously symmetric green leaves? Organic matter and hard drives do not mix. And by the way, why does the hard drive appear to have a light source on the back?

If you want to associate your electronics products with “green”, nature, energy saving, etc. stuff the product name all you want (in this case, for example, “LP” is an abbreviation of “low power”), but please provide your resellers actual product shots rather than a manipulated advertisement collage of a logo like this.

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