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A month of free software – 17. Instant Boss

Today’s free program, Instant Boss, will help you keep a short term work schedule. For example you can define a work schedule of work 40 minutes, break for 10 minutes, repeat 4 times like in the screenshot below.

Instant Boss

Instant Boss

The program will count down how long you have left to work in this stretch, then suggest a break, count down the break time, prompt you to get back to work, and repeat this cycle for as many repetitions as you asked for. You can override the work/break switches by extending your work sessions (and your break sessions, though the app will demonstrate disapproval). When you’ve completed the whole work schedule you get a little celebratory message.

You can even watch a little Flash movie that demonstrates most of the the features here.


Instant Boss came out of the DonationCoder.com project. This site has forums where people suggest ideas for programs and others answer with existing programs that already have the desired functionality, or by coding the application themselves.

The idea for Instant Boss came from this discussion on the board, inspired by an idea about tiny work sprints by Merlin Mann: Work 10 minutes, take a 2 minute break, repeat for an hour, hence the name (10+2)*5.

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  1. I will give that guy a chance!
    Some times I miss having a boss a bit! 🙂

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