A month of free software – 2. Revo Uninstaller

Today’s great free program is Revo Uninstaller. This 1.5MB free download will help you get rid of some of the dud programs you probably already have on your machine as well as any you might pick up as a result of reading this series. 🙂 If, for example, you installed Foxit Reader that I wrote about yesterday, and you already had Acrobat Reader installed, you can use Revo Uninstaller to thoroughly rid your system of the piece of bloated junk that is Acrobat Reader.

Why you need an uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller screenshot

Revo Uninstaller screenshot

Doesn’t Windows have built-in functions to handle uninstalling programs? Yes it does, but it’s generally not thorough enough to get rid of every remnant of the unwanted application. In part because it relies too much on the application’s own uninstall procedure, and few developers give that area of their software enough thought, time and money. And a dedicated uninstaller can also help you in other ways. Here’s a partial list of Revo Uninstaller’s list of extra utilities: Auto start manager; junk files cleaner; browser history cleaner; browser cache cleaner; MS Office history cleaner; Windows history cleaner; unrecoverable delete tool. Revo Uninstaller is simple to use, does a very thorough job, and will help you get rid of unwanted programs that take up space and slow your computer down.

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