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Vancouver Blogger January Meetup recap

Another month, another Vancouver Bloggers Meetup. Wednesday evening we met at Our Town Cafe at the intersection of Broadway and Kingsway. I couldn’t find an official web site for the venue, but did find a couple of (positive) reviews of its services at wifimug.org and DineHere.ca.

Al, Na'im, David with his XO, Ronald with his back to the cameraWe had a great turnout for the meeting, and I didn’t get a chance to speak with everybody, so the list of participants here may be short by one or two people. If you were there and I missed you (or you spoke with somebody I didn’t include on the list), please let me know in the comments. With that disclaimer, here are the evening’s participants — site links and RSS feeds:

Some of the topics that came up when I was around:

  • What are the upsides and downsides of “date coaching”? Is it manipulative or just conducive to the process of people finding the right mates?
  • Citizen journalism:
    • Does it work?
    • How is it supposed to “prove itself”?
    • Richard is still waiting for a Vancouver news story to “break” on blogs or Twitter, etc.
    • But what does “break” really mean? If something newsworthy happens and citizens are around to report it, won’t the mainstream media also immediately show up and do their thing?
    • Does the story about catching the thieves behind a break-in in a downtown tech company count? Or was that a gimme because it was a news story that happened deep inside Vancouver’s tech world?
  • Business talk:
    • What’s up with Raincity Studios buying Bryght?
    • What’s the deal with a Raincity Studio office in Shanghai?
    • Who’s working where now? (And who’s looking for a change?)
    • Will the local tech job market fade out “just” because the US economy is going to tank?
    • Do job applicants harbor resentment against companies that reject them because they didn’t do well on a weird test?
  • Tech gossip:
    • Who’s maintaining the Northern Voice web sites for past years’ conferences? Was it database performance problems and/or comment SPAM that took them down recently?
    • Just how awesome a MySQL DBA is Gillian Gunson? Are any of us qualified enough to give an estimate?
    • Who will be the keynote speaker at Northern Voice 2008? An insider let a couple of hints slip last night, but when I thought I knew who it was, I was shot down.
  • Gene and KatyWhat is “action research”, and does it really include studies where the researcher doesn’t deliberately influence the research setting? The wheels in my head took a couple of minutes to get up to speed on this one; it’s been a few years since I thought about research methodologies.
  • Twitter may be cool, but if few of your friends are as wired as you are, what’s the point? What’s the point of following the cool techno kids, if all you really want to know is how Mom is doing? Where is the Twitter community for the not-so-wired?
  • What is going on with the public transportation organizations in BC these days? Have they forgotten their big push for the i-Move.ca site that was supposed to be the place to go for all traffic information? Why didn’t they update the site with current information during the snow chaos this week?
  • Long distance relationships — they can be tough, but worth it when they work out. 🙂
  • People admired and compared David’s OLPC XO-1 (you can see both in the top picture in this post) and John’s ASUS eee PC.

Please add other topics that I forgot or didn’t hear about in the comments to this post. Also check out Raul’s liveblog from the meetup complete with pictures too (including the one above of Richard, me and Na’im which I stole that from Raul).


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