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Vancouver Blogger October Meetup recap

Another good evening of the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup. Tonight we met at Chateau Granville downtown on Granville and Helmcken St.

The evening’s participants — site links and RSS feeds:

Topics discussed:

  • The ups and downs of writing for a group blog, specifically Metroblogging Vancouver.
  • Facebook: Interesting and useless add-on applications; applications that over-do the viral aspect by giving users strong incentives to invite dozens of other users.
  • The recent computer theft at the Workspace offices in Water St, downtown Vancouver, where one of the stolen computers continued to upload pictures of its new “owner” to Flickr.
  • Some people are so bad writers that their blogs can become unreadably boring despite the writer’s interesting hobbies, lifestyles or sexual preferences.
  • One specific reason some BC people feel isolated from Canada as a whole: When there’s an election, the national result is often announced seconds after the BC polls close, i.e. before the BC votes have been counted.
  • A few people in the crowd had seen several movies during the current Vancouver International Film Festival.

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  1. wish I had been there! Will come next time.

  2. i think we all liked the location at the upstairs lounge at chateau granville. it was quiet, and the server was super nice. alas, the wifi connection was pretty useless.

    other topics we discussed were google movie search, bookcrossing, and conservative politics. i think it would have been nice to have jonathan narvey with us to inform that particular part of the meetup. always good to have a variety of points of view.

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