Prank billboard modifications are all the rage on the Internet these days.

  • In California there’s a highway sign that says “Let’s meet at Starfucks“.
  • In Moscow some geeks hacked into an electronic billboard planning to have fun with it, but they only managed to crash the machine running the billboard. But they helped the authorities by filming themselves and publishing the video online.

Cold Suck boardIn comparison the Vancouver version is lame and tame in both size/visibility, technology employed and language:


See, it ain’t even good grammar.

The place is Grandview Husky Market at Grandview Hwy and Lakewood Dr.

I think the sign used to say “Cold drinks”. Maybe I should pull in there one day and see if there’s a little cache of unused letters lying in the grass near the sign. The message definitely needs improvement, but we’re not going to get far with only these eight letters.