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The anticipation is growing up to the official release of the final Harry Potter book this Saturday (read: Friday midnight + 1 minute).

What is Snape’s true allegiance?

Professor SnapeThe true allegiance of Professor Snape has been one of the great mysteries of the whole series: is he evil or just greasy? At this point, the volume of evidence stacked against him is overwhelming. He was formerly an evil Death Eater. He was the head of the evil Slytherin household. He has evil black hair. He is played by actor Alan Rickman, who is himself evil. This is some pretty damning stuff.

[“6 Questions The Last Harry Potter Book Had Better F#@king Answer“, Chris Bucholz at Cracked.com]


  1. I’m putting my money on Snape being one of the good guys. Sort of like the guy (Rochester?) in Jayne Eyre -doesn’t immediately fit cultural norms of what being a ‘good guy’ looks like, but at the end of the day is a hero.

  2. I thought about writing an update for this post and checking off the questions that were answered.

    Without spoiling anything I can tell you that the question about Snape’s true allegiance does get answered in the last book.

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