Could age and physical fitness be connected?

As I was leaving the gym tonight, a middle-aged Chinese guy (MCG) asked me something. I paused the MP3 player and asked him to repeat the question:

– MCG: What is your weight?

– Me: (I told him how much I weigh)

– MCG: Oooooh… You look strong!

– Me: Thanks (I guess)…


– Me: I used to be stronger… And lighter…


– Me: I also used to be younger

That’s when an older (still) dude (OSD) commented from behind a wall of lockers:

– OSD: Yeah, it’s funny how those things usually go together.


Unless you do like all the famously fit men: Cheat!

This weekend Sylvester Stallone was busted trying to smuggle 48 vials of artificial human growth hormone (HGH) and anabolic steroids into Australia where he was doing a three day promotional tour. When used by adults, HGH doesn’t make the person grow, rather it increases the metabolism so it’s easier to get/stay slim, and the steroids promote muscle growth. Voila! The modern coctail of middle age fitness.

Same goes for most younger hunks too. As far as I know, the only time steroids were found on the premises of my old gym back in Denmark was when a troup of Chippendales performers were in town for a few days and trained at our gym.

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