Using a workout program again

Last week I got a new workout program at my gym (the Fitness World location across the street from our building). It’s been a long, long time since I last used a proper workout program. This one is nice and flexible… I can either sprint through it in a long session or split it up (and expand it a bit) for doing separate muscle groups on separate days. Best of all, it has put some focus back in my workouts.

Before meeting with the trainer I was thinking about how I could best describe the system that had given me my previous best results. It came out like this:

  • Train every day… except those few days where we don’t
  • One muscle group per day, sometimes two (e.g. chest and biceps)
  • Minimum 1 full day rest for each muscle group (e.g. if we did chest on day 1, we’d do something unrelated on day 2 before doing triceps on day 3 at the earliest)
  • Monday evening = Squat

Not much of a system, eh? More like a set of ground rules, really. They worked fine at the time when I had a very disciplined and experienced training partner (F), but now that I’m working out on my own, I need the extra structure.

There’s a process-oriented goal in this somewhere: Getting off “programs” and back on body guided training… Hmm, maybe that one needs some work.

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