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Local girl Kimli goes to get her scooter back from the store after it’s been repaired:

I had to wait because a family of about 20 was in front of me, asking all kinds of questions – is that scooter for sale? How about that one? That one out front? What about the red one without any badges on it? AHHHH! THAT’S MY SALLY! While the mother of the horde was asking questions, her evil spawn went outside and started climbing all over the scooters parked out front – MINE INCLUDED. THERE WERE CHILDREN CRAWLING ON MY SALLY! NOOOOO!

I brought out the fiercest of all my evil glares, but the kids were too busy being all sticky and noisy and intrusive, while their mother asked to buy scooters that belonged to other people. Luckily for me, Ed noticed the evil children AND my look of abject horror and shooed them away.

When I finally was able to pay the nice gentleman for his work and get on my scooter, I received nasty looks from the mother and her spawn. Gosh lady, I’m sorry you couldn’t a) buy my scooter and b) control your kids on other people’s property, but pip pip cheerio and fuck you.

[Delicious Juice, today]

Update: Fixed the spelling of Kimli’s name (original spelling was slightly but badly wrong. Sorry!

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  1. Kimli 16 June 2006 at 10:01 #

    Hee! Thanks for the writeup, Jan! 😀

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