I got a tattoo

Forearm tattooI’ve always said that I’d never get a tattoo unless it was of something that I knew would be interesting and valuable for me forever, e.g. the name of my first child. But then I saw this pattern at a tattoo place yesterday and I had to have it. The pattern was meant to be an shoulder/upper arm thing, but I’m a big guy, so it fit well on my forarm. So what does it mean? I’ve no idea. I just like the organic and yet symmetric look of it. Depending on how you look at it, theories suggested so far: Flying pterodactyls, standing emperor penguins, stylized waves, or orcas. When I look down and see the tattoo, I smile and think “Oh yeah”. Totally similar to when I got my glasses back on May 25th:

The eye examination was an interesting experience, but trying on various glasses was hilarious: I laughed every time I saw myself in the mirror. It was a reminder of every time I’ve changed my appearance in some dramatic way, like when I got earrings (first one, later two) and to a lesser degree whenever I’ve shaved my head, the mild surprise of “Oh right, that’s how I look now”.

As for my concern about the permanent nature of tattoos, they were easily alleviated, because this is just a paint brush job that will disappear in a week or so. But hey, how do you like my new Hawaiian shirt?

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  1. Maktaaq 9 January 2005 at 22:50 #

    It’s not a real tattoo! You’re so tricky!

    Why do all your posting suddenly all have the same date (December 31)?

  2. Jan Karlsbjerg 9 January 2005 at 23:40 #

    Thanks for pointing my attention to the date problem. In fact it was pretty strange: The dates for entries were listed as Dec. 31, 1969! That’s what you get for running betas, I guess.

    I’ve played around with the other templates I have, and the default theme for WordPress 1.5 (running right now) is the only one that works today. That may change tomorrow if I install a new beta. 🙂

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