Movie: Matrix Revolutions

We went to see Matrix Revolutions last night. It was a major disappointment.

For long stretches of the movie, I was stirring in my seat, waiting impatiently for some way-too-long sequence to finally be over with. Like a silly fight between supermen, a very long death scene where the heroes indulge in their personal tragedy when the fate of humanity was in the balance, etc. And underneath was the constant annoyance of the numerous plot errors. With this movie, I never bought into the Matrix universe. The movie was all special effects.

I’ve only read a couple of reviews of it so far, and somewhat unusually, I agree with both:

Exhibit one:

Yeah, so the new Matrix movie. It pretty much sucked. Blew chunks. Big, smelly, huge-assed chunks.

[Terence Wei, yesterday]

Exhibit two:

As a special-effects romp, The Matrix Revolutions may keep viewers glued to their seats for a couple of hours. But as a follow-up to the allegorical tour de force of the first Matrix film, it’s a dismal failure.

[Niall McKay in Wired]

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