Choosing the right blogging tool for your personality disorder

Mark Pilgrim kindly extends blogging advice to Dave Winer:

If you know enough about yourself… to know that you are prone to lashing out at people… If you know that you are the epitome… of an emotional rollercoaster… If you often… not once, not twice, but often… find yourself saying something… or writing something… or doing something… and then wishing you could take it back an hour later…

If you know this about yourself… it?s possible that an unfiltered… unedited… personal publishing system… with instantaneous worldwide distribution… is not for you.

[“Not for you”, dive into mark, September 29, 2003]

Mark goes on to suggest that Dave starts using a two-step process with automated delay in the publishing, or maybe employ an editor, so that he has a chance to take back his words before they become public. Maybe a feature for Jake Savin’s to-do list? (Jake Savin is Userland’s seemingly only developer these days).

I love a good inside joke.

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