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Outlook – Type dates in English

If you need to enter an appointment based on a day instead of a date — two weeks from Thursday, say –you don’t have to use Outlook’s pull-down calendar to find out what the date is. Instead, you can simply type “2 weeks from Thursday” or even “2 wks from thurs” in the appropriate date field, and Outlook will (usually) come up with the right date. Other plain-English expressions that work include “Christmas,” “first tues in nov,” and “2 mo from next tues.”

[PC Magazine, May 6, 2003]

Another cool Outlook tip:

Another menu command that’s often overlooked is the ability to automatically retrieve a map for an address listed in your address book. First make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Then go to your Contacts folder, open a contact, pick the address (business, home, or other), and choose Actions | Display Map or Address.

Outlook will go to, retrieve the map, and give you an option to ask for directions.

[PC Magazine, May 6, 2003]

I was surprised to find that this one works for (at least some) addresses outside North America.

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