Is the .srv top level domain the 555 equivalent for the Internet age?

In American movies and television shows any phone numbers usually start with 555, a non-existing area code in the US and Canada, exactly to avoid the hassle that the movie Bruce Almighty is putting a couple of people through right now. In that movie a phone number and a pager number are used that do not start with 555. These numbers belong to actual people unrelated to the movie in any way, and now they’re getting dozens of calls every hour (here’s Dawn Jenkins in Florida, and here’s church in Georgia where they’re happy to answer “yes” when people ask if God is there).

In the movie Final Destination 2 (2003), a policeman does an Internet search for “Alex Browning”, a survivor of the mysterious flight 180 crash that happened a year previously (the premise for the first movie Final Destination (2000)), and his search produces these results:

The .srv top level domain on all the sites is a nice touch. I haven’t seen it in any other movie. Is this a one-off, an attempt to start a trend, or is it some agreed-upon convention we’ll see more of in the future?

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  1. RandomIG 8 March 2013 at 8:34 #

    I was watching FD II, saw the .srv links in the scene you’ve described, decided to Google it up and your post came up as the top result
    So I thought it’ll be neat to comment on a post back from 2003. : )

  2. Bob 4 March 2016 at 6:39 #

    I noticed .srv as a top level domain in The Lone Gunmen S01E12 – All About Yves Timestamp 25:53. This Episode was aired in 2001.

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