A few signs that I’m a geek

Somebody was explaining a computer usability problem to me: “You have to [mumble mumble] safari to find the right link“. I thought he was saying that you could only find the link if you were using Apple’s new browser Safari. What he actually meant was that a menu structure was so deep that finding the right function felt like going on a safari.

I caught a glimpse of this headline on BBC News: “Button suffers 180mph crash“. The words button and crash made me take a second look at the headline, and I was trying to figure out which program or computer would crash from clicking the wrong button. In fact the story was about a race car driver called Button who crashed his car at a speed of 180mph and now has a sore arm (or something like that — didn’t read the story, racing stories don’t interest me in the least, I consider racing an un-sport just like cricket, baseball and American football).

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