Test of FM RadioStation

The good and the bad:

  • Stupid name, solidifying the forgotten legacy of the music concept in “Radio”
  • I like the tabbed interface…
  • …but they forgot the keyboard shortcuts, CTRL-TAB to move between tabs, CTRL-F4 (and in a browsing context also CTRL-W) to close a window
  • The user dialogue for inserting an image (as the shifted librarian mentioned) is very nice indeed, now to see if it gets properly upstreamed along with the post (otherwise it isn’t much use).
  • Yep, it gets uploaded automatically into a folder with a path like this one: radioStationPictures/images/2003/03/08/
  • Linking to other sites works nicely, both through the link icon and CTRL-K, but focus doesn’t come back to the editor after you accept the link.
  • Same thing with colors. Once you’ve changed the color, you have to click back in the editor to continue writing. Bold and italics work though, if you stick to keyboard shortcuts, but use the icons and you’re stuck.

This concludes tonight’s test of FM RadioStation from SocialDynamX.

Hmm, there’s more:

  • If you edit a post outside FM RadioStation (FMRS), it doesn’t appear changed inside FMRS. Even if you choose “edit” inside FMRS, you get the old version of the post.
  • I can’t find any links for feedback on their site?

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