Hacking scare

Recently, a local school was hacked big time. Somebody had used the school’s main administrative machine as a slave from which to hack other systems and run DDOS attacks on other machines. They could probably have kept this up without being detected, but then they turned nasty. They hacked the school managers Outlook account and sent horrible emails to all of her contacts. They had gotten through the Norton software firewall and afterward turned all the protection off and even renamed her Norton program directory to something like “Norton no good”.

So the other day she was busy calling all of the school’s contacts explaining that their computers had been hacked, and that all the nasty words in the emails really wasn’t the school’s opinion of them. Meanwhile my friend F and one of his colleagues was on the phone with the ISP and the police all morning and tracing the hackers who were active on the machine as they were sitting there and in front of it.

And then all afternoon F was on the phone with their customers selling hardware firewalls. The school manager had allowed them to use her name and the school’s name in describing what had happened. Great policy of openness.

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