Scott Johnson: Open source is NOT slavery

Scott Johnson gives a great rebuttal of Dave Winer’s simplistic comments about open source depending on “people working for free” and that open source should be gone with the dot-com era. After listing several reasons why it makes sense for his business to use open source tools and even release their own products as open source he concludes:

So, at the heart of it Dave, no  one is coercing me at all.  I’m NOT a slave and I don’t appreciate being called one.  I’m doing it for a lot of different reasons — and I’m making money at it (my partner and I just became profitable as of last week, largely because Open Source gave us the ability to bid complex projects much more cheaply so we got the work and didn’t have to spend hugely on tools).   We’ll also make money when we release our Open Source products.  It may not be the kind of huge profit margins traditionally found in high technology but the times, they are a’ changing (to quote Bob Dylan).  And the Open Source wave is only starting to crest.
[Fuzzy blog]

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