USA – Mexico: 2-0

This morning (Central European Time) USA defeated Mexico 2-0 in one of the 8th finals in the Soccer World Cup, and I watched the second half of the game on TV. I’m not really a soccer expert, and unlike most people around here, I don’t even pretend to be <grin>, but I was surprised at how the “young” soccer nation USA managed to outplay the “old” soccer nation Mexico. The US game seemed a bit “thin”, with a limited reportoire of plays, but they had a good goal keeper, and the rest of the team managed to do a few things very well and came out as winners.

It seemed that the Mexican players were in chock as well. In frustration, they turned the last fifteen or twenty minutes of the game into a karate match, deliberately kicking, head-butting and stepping on several of the US players. Very, very unsporting behavior.

To Mexico’s defense they had (when the score was 1-0) been robbed when a US player deliberately punched the ball with his hand inside the penalty area. And given that this game is the real football where you actually use your feet, not your hands, Mexico was robbed of a penalty kick.

All the US players survived the onslaught. But in their quarter final on Friday they will meet Germany (a very “mature” soccer nation), and that will be the end of US participation in this tournament.

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