Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:47:22 GMT

Doc Searls responds to Cringeley’s cry for Apple to port OS X to Intel:

Basically he’s inviting Apple to compete head-to-head with Microsoft for the operating systems market. The problems: 1) That’s never been Apple’s business; 2) It would take a sex change for Apple to do it; 3) It would risk killing Apple’s positive relationship with Microsoft; and 4) It’s not in the company’s plans, which are succeeding too well to change.

I didn’t quite see things this way when I commented on Cringeley’s idea the other day, but in a funny way, things have come full circle. Because Doc Searls’ comment corresponds very nicely with something Cringeley himself wrote recently about the differences between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs doesn’t care about winning the whole market, he just wants to be king in his own little corner of the world. And porting OS X to Intel will put this at risk.

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